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Lockwood's black 1.4L 206 "Cheryl"


So I've been holding off posting on here for a while, thinking that I'd be purchasing a GP soon enough.

Circumstances have since changed and I'm investing that money in a Masters degree (not as fun admittedly!)...

Anyway, here's my pride and joy I've had since last year. Nothing special but there's been quite a few great 1st car memories in it!

It's a lovely nippy thing, and I've kept it lovingly maintained since the day I bought it.

...Here's a few pictures from over the last 12 months:

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Hadn't messed much with it, but finally got round to putting my mudflaps on today, it looks awesome - especially in person...but maybe I'm a bit biased ;)

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Thinking of painting my front calipers red soon, but I think I'll leave it there.

Any other 206 lovers on here? Wouldn't mind seeing your ideas/mods!


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