Cinquecento new alloys, new abarth bonnet, new pics!



i ditched my 15s cause the car was slow and boring to drive and they scraped too and i didnt wanna get the arches rolled... anyway, im back on 13s and so the cars nice and fun again and bloody low too :) ... the alloys are TSW Razors running on brand new nankangs heh, loads a fun in the rain!

ive also debadged my bonnet and cut a nice abarth scorpion into it (just like Ladinnotts :p )... the debadge isnt perfect and neither is the paint job but i havent had anytine toi get it perfect so ill redo it in a week or so... but anwyay... the scorpion is very nice and it just needs meshing now but ive gotta buy the mesh so it isnt done yet heh.


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