Seicento My MK2 Seicento Project


Heres my new project, decided to scrap my yellow sei as it was destroyed by rats in the unit it was in.

this is my 2001 MK2 Seicento S in black.

it was brought with a lost key, so decided to convert the car into SPi as then i can use a decoded ecu

at the mo ive undersealed the rear of the car under the petrol tank, fitted 5bar cosworth fuel pump in, got 866 cam, 32mm TB and remapped ecu.

the car wil be fitted with doorpoppers and electric windows later on in its life fornow im just getting the car to a road worthy state.

ive put my 60mm drop and apex dampers on back with uno turbo rear disc setup

front is currently in progress, just undersealed the inner wings and removed carbon filter, the wiring is a complete mess at the mo but car was firing up fine other wires are just for warning lights ect... this will get tidied up after ive finished doing the suspension setup, car is completely powerflexed

once its done i have mk1 seicento sporting bumpers to fit and some 14" cup wheels with 195/45/r14 rubber on.

clifford 600 alarm to be fitted along with my custom dash when i get all the mucky bits done

seats will be getting recovered in black real leather hide, with white stiching

few pics at the mo, car was completely standard when i got it but slowly modding it, ill use it this winter with normal engine in whilst my turbo lump will be built up ready for next summer along with megasquirt ecu out of my old seicento.

pictures arnt really much cop at the mo, will get some more as progress continues

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