126 My New Fiat 126


well long story short, went to go get some bits powdercoated for my turbo seicento and come home with this instead lol

couldnt leave it there at the price they wanted its tidy as you like, even got custom seat covers made by the last owner, car looks like its been cared for most its life which is cool.

failed its mot on alot of stuff but itll be sorted down the garage in my spare time, might tax it and cruise it around as its funny to drive it seems so basic and cheap inside lol bopping up and down the road in it. :p

engine starts and runs but not sure on if its any good yet as not had time to have a good play with it yet, seems to lack a bit of power but im going to clean and service the engine, and if all else fails motorbike engine i think :p

only few tiny patches of bubble rust no rot as i can see but all will be revaled once i get it over the pit to look underneath


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