My laguna from standard to now


I got my car in January as the family waggon as i have a kid on the way, although i couldn't deal with it's grandad looks so i knew something had to be done. The first idea was to go DUB on it but apart from it been the wrong colour for it i also knew i would need a big budget to pull it off so i binned that idea. I now knew i wanted to make my car funky and different with the least amount of money, heres a pic of her from the start.

First thing to do was to get rid of the stickers and get the wheels sorted, i thought about getting some 18's put on but didn't wanna pay alot so thought i would get the old wheels made over, paid my ex bodywork mate £30 to do them with just the spokes in black, loved this look so wouldn't even think about getting aftermarkets now.

After that i then got the Street and Track sunstrip and also one for the back window put on, next mod was the LED undercar kit that i had bought just before selling my Punto, i love the look personally but i know it's not everyones cup of tea but hey maxxing would be boring if people didn't have different views.

I got the windows tinted next to keep with the black theme, gutted about the law on front tints so only could do the rear three but was very happy anyway, the main man at Top Tints sorted them for me ;D

The ideas was coming in thick and fast now and felt the front needed a different look so i sprayed my front grill Pearlescent Black which didn't look as good as i hoped. Heres some progress pics.



After seeing that it wasnt that great me and my mate decided to tint the top of the lights which again wasn't the greatest idea.

Didn't go down so well with people that so i sprayed the mirror covers Pearlescent Black and tinted the side repeaters to see if it helped, didn't seem to fix the front end though,



at this time i started working on the interior. Changed the bulbs in the doors and footwells for some nice bright LED ones. Looking lush there well bright and even light up the side of my car lol.

My radio died so got my mates one and put that in although needs some modifications to make it fit perfect, will be fitted a couple of gauges above it.

Me and a mate then thought of a great way to make the front look good again all be it a risky one, the time had come to colour code the front, heres how it looks at the moment. Comments very welcome.




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