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Punto (Mk2/2b) My MK2 Sporting


Well this is my Punto MK2 Sporting, i have only had the car about a month so its pretty much stock, also got a few mechanical problems right now like i need to buy a new Sump and my interior bulbs don't work oh and also my steering keeps clunking lol. OOH its all good :p

current mods are:

-Some kick ass seat covers to cover the gash in the original drivers seat
-Ripspeed seat belt cushion, i bought for my dads van for a laugh and he gave them back to me, so thought ah what the hell there blue so i'll put them in.
-My club sunstrip
-My club rear window banner
-My club sticker on each back side window
-Blue Interior bulbs (currently theres a problem with my circuit board or something though so there not working)
-Alloy gear knob (looks nice but is bloody freezing in the cold lol)
-Nice Clarion cd/mp3 head unit
-Spyder alloy tax disc holder

Future mods:

-K & N Induction Kit
-Different gear knob
-Full performance exhaust
-Lowering by 30mm
-Some 17" alloys thinking Wolfrace Triads, something similar to the original aloys on the Sporting
-Maybe angel eye lights
-A shopping list down the right of my car, on the front door

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