My current ah hem.....classic?


Its a 1986 Peugeot 305 Automatic, oh yeah....

I actually bought it with a friend of mine several months ago but recently dragged it out of her garage and brought it home to get it going properly.

1.6 SOHC 8v, same motor as the 205 GTi 1.6 with no injection, but it does have a rather nice weber carb on it. High compression GT spec with 94bhp.

Its only done 63k miles from new, a little tatty but spit and polish will fix most of it, but I need a new front bumper and a drivers seat, anybody got them? LOL

It rides beautifully and handles shockingly well. All ive done so far is oil and ATF change, plugs etc, needs alot more yet but its going well so far. When did you last see one? Retro.

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