Another eBay buy...


Its a 1995 520i SE 24v Auto....nice.

166k miles on the clock and driving well! £200 gets you all this majesty, well chuffed, its not what you'd call fast though, but sits at 90mph doing 35 to the gallon so thats ok...

It needs front pads, thrust arms and a couple of other little bits, all easy to do, i will run it for a while then sell on for a profit I hope!

It was so filthy when i picked it up though, the wheels were black as night, there was half a quarry on the carpets and it was covered in tar and bugs like ive not seen before, but a morning with some products has improved it a bit. If you actually went to view it before purchase it would have put you right off, but its a great solid car underneath the crap.

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