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As most will have seen in my newbie post, I have inherited a Barchetta when my brother passed away earlier in the year.

The car has been in storage for 10 year and I now have it back at my house with an intention to get it running and street legal by the summer

First weekend of work was more investigative, but then went in to a bit of cleaning.

I took the spark plugs out and the engine turns freely :)

Generally, the rust is minimal and mainly surface rust

All brake pads would have been in serious need of replacement, even if it hadn’t been in storage.

Fuel tank removed, about 1/2 gallon of fuel in it, but clean and no rust or debris.

My 26 year old son wanted to help, so, as the passenger seat was out, he wanted to clean up the interior as it was in serious need of some tlc.

Parts ordered from local car spares shop (trying to help the local business where I can)

Timing belt kit including water pump and pulleys
Auxiliary belt
Rocker cover gasket set
Front discs and pads
Read discs and pads
Oil filter
Fuel filter
Spark plugs

Should all be with me during the week, so next weekend will be busy!


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