Panda (Classic) Godiva -- the blue 750L (L is for "Low mileage")


PIPPIN -- the blue 750L (L is for "Low mileage")

Well, having not "driven stick" for many, many years, picking up Pippin (the Panda formerly known as Godiva...) was one heckuvanadventure...! :eek:

It was fun, though! And I got him/her up to an indicated 70 mph, at one stage; but s/he cruises rather nicely between 60 and 65 mph. (It's a good job s/he doesn't have a rev counter...!) S/he also drove really well in heavy traffic in town... (it's the Shakespeare Birthday Weekend, here; and really sunny...). :D

Here s/he is, parked outside Black Cat Motors, in Stratford-upon-Avon: waiting to be MOT'd, serviced, and given a thorough once-over. (And I make no apologies for promoting them as a garage: they deliver sterling service -- which includes taking their customers all the way to pick up their new cars...! A big thank-you to John, the owner, therefore, for whizzing me up the A46 in his swish 4.2 Audi A8, earlier...! And for commenting that "It doesn't look like a twenty-three-year-old car, does it?") (y)

Thanks to everyone for their help and support -- especially to purple haze for bringing him/her to my attention...! :worship:

Watch this space...! :wave:

PS: Not a bad way to celebrate my 1,500th post to the Forum, eh...?! :cool:

2 August 2014
How Pippin looks now -- after a light fettling from VmanC... :slayer:

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