Panda (Classic) Hal, the turquoise Selecta: Once more unto the breach, dear friends!


Named after [ame=""]King Henry V[/ame] (Prince Hal, for those, like me, who are Shakespeare addicts...) -- not the computer in Kubrick's masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey -- Hal (see the number plate...), I'm hoping, is the Panda of my dreams. For someone who said he wasn't going to buy any Pandas, this year -- but I would buy either a Selecta or a 4x4, next year... -- I'm doing pretty well.... :D

No new photos, beyond those in this how-on-earth-did-I-end-up-with-a-third-Panda thread: as there's nothing new to show, really; and I was too tired to take photos of the engine bay... -- so apologies for the disappointment. Hal does feature a full complement of tools, under/around the spare, though, I can reveal; as well as a stonking new battery; and a very slow oil leak (possibly from the rocker cover...). :eek:

As you'll have seen from the Auction Watch thread, I had to catch a couple of trains to get to Hal; followed by a gentle walk through the suburbs of Birmingham (where Hal seems to have spent all of his life...). The guy selling the car then took me to the Post Office to get a new tax disc, and to the local factors, to get the battery. (What a star...!) He even wanted to make sure that all the fluid levels, etc. were okay, before I set off...! :worship:

It comes with most of its old MOTs -- showing the following mileage progression...
  1. 08/1996: 10,970
  2. 09/1997: 14,397
  3. 09/2001: 24,965
  4. 09/2002: 27,252
  5. 01/2004: 27,584
  6. 01/2005: 34,693
  7. 01/2006: 42,205
  8. 01/2007: 48,929
  9. 01/2008: 55,391
  10. 01/2009: 60,597
  11. 01/2010: 65,560
  12. 01/2011: 70,107
  13. 01/2012: 75,179
  14. 09/2013: 78,084 it's been in pretty constant use; but nothing too strenuous! :)

It also comes with two copies of the Owner Handbook -- as did Pippin -- both identical: neither mentioning either the 1108 cc engine* I'm fairly convinced it has (see below); nor the injection light, on the dash (that does work... -- also see below...). :confused:

Anyhoo: never having driven a Selecta in anger, before, I have the following comments:
  1. It's more obviously CVT-based than Priscilla: making a lot more fuss (i.e. piling on the revs) before the actual speed catches up. It does this quite noisily, at the moment (but then quietens down at speed....) -- which I hope will be helped by a new bucketful of gearbox oil... -- but I wouldn't be surprised if the clutch will need replacing soon. We shall see.... :rolleyes:
  2. Frell, it's powerful... (well, as much as a classic Panda can be, without an engine transplant...) -- especially compared to Pippin... -- and it seemed to have even more pep than Pinky: so I'm assuming this is the 1108 cc engine* -- especially as all the plastic stuff under the bonnet is dark blue. I found myself cruising at a measured 75 mph (sorry, officer...) all too easily; and it is very relaxing to drive on the motorway... -- if a little less engaging (if you'll excuse the pun...). :cool:
  3. The injection light came on momentarily, just before the services on the M42, so I left the motorway, intending to stop: only for the light to then go out, as I slowed down. So I went back onto the motorway, keeping to about 65-70 mph; and it never reappeared.... I'm hoping this was just a minor glitch, caused by the fact that it's been parked up for a few months -- but any advice will be gladly taken. Hopefully, whatever the 1993 equivalent of OBD will reveal all (or, even better, nothing...) -- if there is such a thing.... I will investigate.... :idea:
  4. The brakes are also more reassuring than any other Panda's I've driven; and the suspension seems fine (if not as tight as Pippin's all-new stuff...). (y)
I'm therefore hoping that this turns out to be the bargain of the century... -- but we shall let VmanC be the judge of that! :slayer:

Overall, I'm incredibly chuffed. The bodywork, sills, etc., have obviously been fettled at some point; but it feels solid, generally. I just need -- with Vernon's help, probably -- to sort out the aftermarket washer jets; although I think I shall leave the aerial where it is, for the moment. :eek:

Immediate plans include changing the engine and gearbox oils; coolant, air filter, etc.. I shall then, hopefully, give Hal a darned good clean, inside and out; before taking him to Vernon's.... Eventually, I may source a new HU, and add in some front speakers. I'm quite tempted to leave the slight variations in colour (346: Turchese, I believe...) as they are, though: as this will be my go-to Panda (with Betty being for special occasions; and Pippin, obviously, going to the homewardette...) -- and I quite like what I think of as the 'patina of honesty'...! :rolleyes:

Watch this space...! :wave:

* Just found a piece of paper with the engine and chassis numbers -- along with the following text: "1108 cc" and "29-4-93". There you go, Most Easterly Pandas...! (y)

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