Grande Punto ElliottMK2B's Grande Punto Sporting T-Jet!


Hi everyone! :wave:

I have just bought myself a Grande Punto Sporting T-Jet that I am in love with! :woot:

I had a MK2B before this so you might have seen me about in the MK2/MK2B section, but I have been saving and looking for my perfect Grande for ages now, and this one came up for sale on Thursday and I bought it Friday! :D

Anyway here are some pics of the car when I went to test drive it:
photo (3).JPG

I pick the car up on Friday, think I'm gonna go mad waiting that long! :eek:

Anyway the only plans I have so far are some small modifications as I am now broke after buying the car. Ahhhh

Hope you like it, and I look forward to being part of the Grande community!

Elliott. :)
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