Panda Back in the Fold - 2005 4x4


So, having attended a few of the Classic Panda 4x4 events I'd decided that I'd be keeping an eye out for a mk3 4x4 if it came along.

Requirements - cheap and ideally with tower, LPG and Aircon.

As they say good things come to those who wait :D

Picked this beast up in the middle of last month. 2005, 101k miles, Towbar, Aircon and BRC LPG conversion professionally fitted (Same system I had fitted to my 2004 Stilo back in 2009) as well as Full Service History and both keys :)




Sold as spares / repair due to issues found upon it having a full service 2 weeks previously - a 'major' gearbox oil leak, weeping shock, heavily worn tyres and MOT expiring fast. Part way though the auction listing the engine like came on and it developed a misfire, which upon collection and investigation turned out to be a loose HT lead on cylinder 2. I managed to bag her for a mere £909 on eBay - not bad considering the going rate for rough examples seems to be around £1500-£2k currently, without AC or LPG.

So collected her, new set of tyres fitted and put her in for MOT. She passed, advisory on the shock and gearbox oil leak. Shock now replaced and gearbox leak on the to do list - it seems to be rot on the gearbox end casing, new replacement from main dealer for around £30. Just need to get around to fitting and changing the gearbox oil at the same time.


I plan to underseal the underside, as there are a few bits which are a minor concern currently (one area a jack seems to have been placed in the wrong location), and touch up a few paint / surface rust spots on the Sills where stones appear to have knocked it.

The only other major job is the prop shaft bearing. Very noisy, seems to be mixed reviews of them failing about 100k miles, and conflicts about if they can be replaced or require a completely new prop. Can get the bearing for about £25-£30 however, so plan to give it a try at least. Failing that new props are about £300-£400 online, and will see me another 100k miles - and I'll still be quids in IMO.

Heres to many a off road adventure :D

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