Service manual - restructured

Service manual - restructured

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This section is a restructuring of the original Service manual upload to the forum in an attempt to make it easier to download and navigate the
PDF files. The originals are still there if this changed structure doesn't suit you.

I should say at the start that I am hugely grateful for whoever scanned, organised and uploaded the original service manual. The pages were scanned really well and are a great help.

The original upload has a lot of small PDF files that are unzipped into a nested set of folders. I have instead joined the smaller PDFs together to make a smaller number of larger ones, roughly corresponding to the manual sections. Each of these individual PDFs is small enough to be uploaded as a single file to the forum. They also do not need zipping up as the PDF is compressed anyway.

In addition I have undertaken the task of creating a set of bookmarks for the documents that allow you to use a PDF reader (I use Foxit but it should work in other readers) to jump straight to the section you want to read about. All of the documents have the complete set of bookmarks for all sections, this lets you see all the contents in a single view. If the bookmark you click isn't in the PDF you have open it should be opened for you.

For the bookmarks to work all of the documents need to be downloaded to a single folder on your PC.


I have performed a level of checking that all of the bookmarks work correctly, however it is quite possible I've got some wrong. Also, I'm not a great typist so there may be typos in the bookmarks.

Depending on your reader software, when a bookmark takes you to a different PDF file the list of bookmarks doesn't always synchronise with the contents. Navigating within one PDF should be OK.

In going through every one of the pages of the manual I have spotted a few oddities (there's one page in Dutch for example) and some scans that are a little rough. At some point I'd like to go through and correct any of these but that will have to wait.

If you spot any mistakes, drop me a message and I can easily fix them.

I hope you find the changes I've made useful.
Wiltshire Chris
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