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BLUE & ME - Language Change Procedure

Language Change Procedure

Requirements = USB PenDrive, “System Languages” files and PC/laptop.

Using the following procedure it is possible to change the language used by the device to send vocal
messaged to the customer and used by the customer to send vocal commands to the device.
The procedure does not change del language of the texts displayed on the DashBoard of the car

1) delete all files from the USB Pen Drive (no other files must be present)

2) Copy into the main folder of the PenDrive the 3 files of the language that you are going to download
into Blue&Me. Example: if you want to install Spanish language etc

3) Remove the PenDrive from the PC

4) Go into the car

5) Run a Key-Off / Key-On

6) Wait 10 seconds nearly and insert the PenDrive into the USB Connector

7) Within few seconds (1 or 2 not more) there will be a vocal announcement “download started” in the

original language. A similar message is written onto the display of the Dash Board.

8) After nearly 35 seconds the download ends. There will be another vocal announcement in the new

language and another text displayed on the Dash Board

9) Remove the PenDrive

10) End
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