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Basically this is a blog of thoughts and ideas about Imola Blue's development. Main stuff will be on the Cinq/Sei forum, but will be linked to here.
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Inlet thoughts

Posted 02-03-2007 at 04:38 by fingers99

Been nattering on and off with Arc and J333EVO about this, but rather than messing up other folks' threads, decided to blog it.

Coming along nicely!

So, it's 16v inlet manifold and plenum, adaptor plate and K series TB?

Is that the plastic manifold, or did you paint the aluminium one black?

Any idea of how much heat the TB will take before it wilts? (Thinking of Blue goes one injector per cylinder.)
Originally Posted by J333EVO View Post
The inlet manifold is standard MK1 1.2 16V Punto Sporting, so bottom half alloy which is noice for port matching, top half plastic, later models I believe is 100% plastic.

As for heat, should be fine, new Pug/Mini Cooper turbo engine has plastic manifold.
Three ideas around this:

1. Grab another manifold the same as Blue's (Uno 45?), chop it off about an inch before the little cast in bosses. Straighten it as best I can. Fab and weld on trumpets with bosses to take a < style plenum, weld on bosses for injectors, port the lot, make up a fuel rail.

The end result should be a little like Nitrane's

(apart from plenum shape). Problem is, the tract length will be shorter than I really need for torque off boost.

2. Do much the same with a 16 valve set up off a 1241 and/or a 1386. I can even use the stock fuel rail. But the plenum will be the wrong shape and the whole thing will need shortening to fit under the bonnet. Should give me a better inlet length, though.

3. Fabricate the bloody lot! If doing this I'd be inclined to use stainless (can't afford an AC/DC tig) or

4. Fabricate and mold it from carbon fibre. Needs to be the right grade (to resist petrol) of polyester or epoxy and to be cured at operating temperature (maybe 175C), but easier to do than out of metal. Should it collapse, however, I'd be in big, big, trouble.
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    SkinzCinqSporting's Avatar
    In respones to the mini question "Uno 45?"
    Yes... IIRC, mines from an I.E. anyway an is the same manifold.
    Posted 05-03-2007 at 18:32 by SkinzCinqSporting SkinzCinqSporting is offline
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    fingers99's Avatar
    I very nearly got a series 1 1241 12v inlet manifold complete off eBay,but someone outbid me.

    Decided that there will be two phases to the rebuild:

    1. Repair the damage (includes headstuds, solid gasket, new pistons). Run it in over 1000 miles or so, slowly stepping up the boost to something like 1 bar.

    2. The dirtier bits: 1400 clutch and flywheel, 15" wheels, oil spray to base of pistons, aftermarket ECU (still undecided), bigger intercooler, more boost.
    Posted 05-03-2007 at 23:27 by fingers99 fingers99 is offline
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    fingers99's Avatar
    Won some cheap head bolts from eBay. They're 9mm x 1.25. Aaron recons they're same diameter and pitch as VW Lupo, and although the Lupo is about the only VW ARP don't make head studs for, they do make them for other VWs in 9mm, and I'd be surprised if they were not the same pitch.

    So, when I have a spare 100 in my pocket (off sick and skint at the moment) I'll go over to Tweeks and do some measuring.
    Posted 09-03-2007 at 12:37 by fingers99 fingers99 is offline
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    fingers99's Avatar
    Put an add in the classifieds for a set of oil squirters from a uno turbo. Looks as though some of the Volvo turbos may have used something similar (maybe better -- the Volvo ones seem to have a check valve so you don't loose so much oil pressure at low revs.

    Meantime some work on Yellow, especially the alarm and on Orange's front bumper. I hate the smell of polyester resin!
    Posted 17-03-2007 at 03:11 by fingers99 fingers99 is offline