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Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation

Hi outthere,

My 65hpTwinAir form 2013 have ran 140t km. The DTC light came on for a short time awhile ago but disappeared by itself again. I get to my local mechanic for aservice, and he checked the error code. That was an ignition problem. Realizingthe motor was running worse in wet weather and re-provoked the DTC light wechanged the plugs and ignition coils. After that, the cars behavior was nowunaffected by the weather. However, the DTC lamp came on and on even more oftenthan before. I went to the authorized FIAT dealer where I bought the car fouryears ago for diagnostic. They came out with a suggestion to change the Uniairmodule, which they thought might help the problem. But with a horrible pricefor chancing the module. So, I went back to my local mechanic telling him whatFIAT said and asked him to change the Uniair module hoping everything would bealright after the repair. However, it wasn't. It didn't change even a bit onthe error pattern. After that I bought a OBD scanner for my phone to see bymyself what was wrong. It writes: P0016 - Crankshaft Position - CamshaftPosition Correlation (Bank 1 Sensor A). I'm able to reset the DTC but it wenton almost immediately after or at least within a few minutes driving.

After surfing a while for similar issues at the internet, I decided to change the camsensor. Thar didnít do any change. I could do the same with the crank sensor.However, Iíve decided to do a little more diagnostic for myself before, to findthe root cause. What I had back of options is the crank sensor and the timingchain. Any other suggestions are appreciated!

I had anoscilloscope on the cam and crank sensors today to see if the signals were okay.What I have noticed is, that the signal from the crank have a very short lowtime and hence, a very high duty cycle. All reference signals Iíve found at theinternet the duty cycle is almost 50%. Does anyone know, what is normal?

Furthermore,the timing between the crank and the cam signals was measured. I was not ableto see any fluctuations in the intermediate timing. But what is the normalalignment between the signals? Could anyone tell me something for sure, beforeI ran to spend a new timing chain without any effect?
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