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Question Is Your Mileage and clock Flashing at you while you drive?

The dash does this to warn fiat Tech's that the accurate clocks in the dash pod and the body computer (that are vital for the accurate timing of the message packets sent over the can network) are not synchronised.

If it is flashing or has been flashing then once you need to go to your dealer and have a proxy alignment procedure carried out on the car with fiat examiner.

Even if it has stopped flashing it still needs doing the car cannot align it's self it does not matter what you do remove battery or turn off and on again the problem will still be there and still needs sorting so don't ignore it.

It will take just a matter of minutes for the Tech to do this after the time it takes for the service desk to finish booking you in.

if it is not done things on the car will stop working properly basically anything that relies on the can network.

It should be done on pdi as the cars have the earth clamp removed in storage at docks.

Having the battery off the car for any length of time will cause the clocks to stop when the power in the body computer and dash runs out meaning when reconnected it will need it doing again' they are only designed to keep running for a small period after the battery is removed like for example the time it takes to change a battery or maybe carry out some simple work on the car that requires the removal of the battery.

fiat have been using can networks for some time now so you may well ask why does it seem as thou only newer fiats are affected buy this.

Well it's all to do with the speed the can nets are running at now and the amount of electronics now connected to it with the advances of blue and me parking sensors abs ebd air bags and basically every ecu on the car.

If the alignment is out it will never stop the car from driving as the key code is sent down a dedicated wire from body computer to engine ecu.

But it may affect things that are quite important for driving like the dash may not show you speed rpm and other important things properly.

However in all cases you will still be able to drive safely to the dealer without causing any damage to the car whatsoever.
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