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I really want one!

Ever since seeing them on Top Gear I really want one (those damn adverts on TV aren't helping) but I only got a 100HP last year. Dilemma!

I knew they were coming out this year but thought that the 500s wouldn't have the same engine as mine & so would not have the same power & performance... WRONG. The Sport has a 1.4 16v engine the same as the 100HP.

I thought they wouldn't have as many features, such as Bluetooth & a decent stereo... WRONG. It has even more, such as leather upholstery which I would have liked in my car!

The colours wouldn't be as good or it would be as easy to customise... WRONG. According to the website you can customise it in 500,000 (or maybe 50,000?) ways, plus you can get it in yellow like I originally wanted.

I thought it would be ugly... WRONG. It's cute & in some ways I prefer it to the look of my 100HP!

I also believe it lets out less CO2 emissions making it a lower road tax group & I reckon the insurance group is going to be the same too. I'm going to have to go look at one on the 21st when it comes out & probably take one for a test drive to get myself over it. & if I don't? Well... I suppose I can always part-ex, even though I'll never be able to afford the rest of the money seeing as my car won't cover the entire cost of the 500!
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