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My first restoration

Hi everyone, I recently had another midlife crisis and bought a 500l to restore. I already own a 71 L so I thought that would help me.
I have stripped as much as I can and have an idea of what I need to replace. What I, trying to understand is how to remove the panels I need to replace. I cutting them with an angle grinder the best way? There is no way to drill out the welds so I couldn't figure out another way.
I'm also a bit thrown with the side panels, what attaches to what. And what and where does the A frame attach to.
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Re: My first restoration


Look at my thread fiat 500 rejuvenation

There is a section that shows how I cut off the rear right panel.

The method I used was to Cut about 6-8 cm from the edge. Then do small cuts down towards the spot welds but in between them, and then wiggle the pieces until the spot welds broke off.

The pictures will make it clearer.


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Re: My first restoration

this is not a job for the faint hearted!
by all means have a go but remember the metal work on this car is to make a strong body that is required for stiffness to ensure the car drive ok.
Also any welding needs to be done to such a point that it will withstand accident damage.
I have seen too many cars ended up in a salvage yard where they have had an accident and the body panels have literally fell off in an accident and caused additional damage to the passengers as a result of poor welding.
Some people even think its a good idea to bond the wings/arches together rather than welding.
New cars use this process, but their outer panels are not structural in design.
Older cars rely 100% on being welded together for strength.
If you have no experience in this area of welding then I suggest either get some help from someone who does, learn how to do it correctly or get someone else to do it for you!

Having said all that, there are a number of threads on this site where welding has been carried out to repair or replace panels.

My own thread demonstrates the replacement of most 500 panels.
Regards Sean

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