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Grande Punto "FastLine"
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Talking 2007 Grande Punto 1.3 MJTD Stage 1 Experience

Hello people,

today I'm proud to say that I have a chimney from 18th century Grande Punto 1.3 MJTD 90HP with stage 1

I will explain my experience:

*First I have to say that the common issue about 1st and 2nd are underpowered is a problem of past, now is completly powerful hehe

After earning 300€, I decided that is time to do some stage 1 on my car, so I went to a garage that they are "specialized" on tuning. "Specialized" means that they knows how to touch ECU's on VAG/BMW vehicles, because, as far as I saw, it's their first time with a Fiat.

The guy was teasing me too much, he thinks that he knows my car more than I know, and maybe he thought that I am like those VAG guys that they just want to upgrade engine power, pay, and run until a piston jumps over the bonnet.

His first fault was that he tried to read ECU from OBDII, and I knew that my car ECU has anti-reprogramming locking system, so you have to read the code directly from the ECU itself. I told him that, he started to say "nono! I can read the ECU properly. Please, shut up." When reading was about 99%, the instrument cluster started to beep, all errors showed up, no outside temperature on panel, and then the check engine light started to blink.

"Oh! I think I can't read the ECU from OBDII, I have to remove the unit from your car and then open it." - He said.

(REALLY??!! I didn't know that... )

Then I started to doubting about proceed with stage 1 or leave from there and go to another garage more specialized on Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

They guy was also testing a Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI and he was more interested on touch that engine that mine, as always, VAG fanboy was confirmed...

I spent half day on the garage, from 4PM to 9:30PM, waiting for my ECU modified and ready to test out. When it was about 9:20PM, and Golf was gone, the guy got close to my windows and he said: "Where are from?"

(WTF?! I think what are you meaning with that question...)

I told him that I am from a city that is more than 50KM away from garage, but he replied:

"Well...your ECU was successfully read, but no data has been written. Can you come back tomorrow?"

(OH YEAH! I KNEW THAT! Damn it...)

"Tomorrow I gotta go work. I work 12h." - I said.

"Well...come back tomorrow when you finished." - He said.

Then, he installed my "untouched" ECU. Then, I turned ignition on and engine check was blinking. OH F...! MORE ISSUES?!
I told it to the guy. He got his "powerful" Launch diagnosis OBDII adapter. He cleared all error but Engine Check light was blinking yet.

"WHY?! WHY?! WHY IT'S BLINKING YET?!" - He shouted.

"I think that the problem is the inyector's codes are not set on ECU and you have to write codes manually for each inyector. I can read it with my OBDII adapter" - I sugested to him.

"Oh really?! Check it out with your adapter and software then." - Told me the "The ECU's God".

Then, thanks to AlfaOBD, I got P1301 fault, "classification injector", and that means that you have to type all codes again manually.

"It does not matter. Your car RPMs goes over 3000, engine is not locked nor malfunctioning. I have a full backup of your ECU and injectors' code" - Guy said.

"Yes, sure...whatever you said..." - I said angry. Obviously my engine will work on fault self-protection mode and it will work like a sh...

Coming back home, the engine was stuck on 2,5k RPMs and I can't reach 120 KM/h. Angry I have arrived at home, I lied down on my bed, because tomorrow I gotta go work, and I was too tired as well.

Next day, after exiting the work an hour before my work schedule, I go back to garage. Today, they stupid guy that I'm was meeting was not there. In stead, there was his parter, that looked like a good guy.

By the way, have a meeting and instead to be the guy I'm was meeting, there was his partner, that is a disrespect in my opinion.

The new guy finished the ECU in 15min. Then, he tried to check if error is gone, but no lucky.

Then he called the stupid guy, that he was at his home touching his "piston" with both hands watching TV, and he said that injector code was on the ECU backup. A LIE! NO INFO ABOUT INJECTORS WAS ON BACKUP.

He realized on his Launch software that the injectors code, all of them are something like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" that means "NO CODE INSERTED".

After 10 min, the good guy ask me: "Do you know (da wae) the injectors code?"

I should to answer him that don't, but due to he was a kind, I told him all about them, were are they, how to read them, which cilinder is the first, second,... and all stuff need for set up my car. Finaly, the fault was gone, injectors were successfully codified, and ready to test the engine!

From first time I tested the engine, I must say that I felt the difference. Just caressing the throttle you feel that engine is fully responsive.

4th gear was locked up to 4,1k RPMs by default, but now is unlocked to 5,5k RPMs.

A bunch of black smoke, like a chimney of a steam locomotive is getting out of my car exhaust. Every time is getting out less amount. The guy told me that is due to all that dirtiness of years without stage 1 performed

Then I paid, and I signed a contract that says blablabla we are not responsible of damage of your engine due to stage 1 blablabla only software stuff are included in waranty for 6 month since stage 1 performed blablabla sign here and specify the car, license plate and that stuff for avoid being sued.

In my opinion, the stage 1 is OK. I thought that I will feel more power, but is not bad at all. This garage is a garbage, and his owner is a d*ckhead, but partner is a good man, and I have should paid the half of it due to all that crap they made on my car, waste my time, and even tell them what they have to do, because if I were another kind of person that knows nothing about engines like most of people that goes to that garage, my car would being still malfunctioning.

Moral: Be less a**hole with your costumer, because one day can enter to your garage a guy that knows his vehicle better than you, and can kick your a** as I did. Being less a**hole does not cause cancer, but maybe causes good reviews and more costumers, but in my opinion, I don't recommend this place for Fiat Engines.

Another curious fact is that now diagnosis softwares recognizes my car as a Punto EVO version 2009 made on 2010, so I think that even they modded my car to get the Multijet II tech, so now my car is doing 8 injections each cicle instead of 5, that is a good news.

Now the engine won about +30HP or more. Let's enjoy it!

Next step is to install better brakes and ESP system

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