stilos 1.4 16v & 6 speed in lancia Y (punto mk1)

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stilos 1.4 16v & 6 speed in lancia Y (punto mk1)


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Dec 27, 2021
Hello, so I have this idea of a 1.2 16v or 8v (pretty sure the 16v is better for the swap but please correct me in the coments if not) engined lancia Y (practically a punto mk1) to be swapped with the 1.4 16v stilo engine and stilos 6 speed gearbox. I have heard that the 1.2 cylinder head is better than the one on the 1.4 (more aggressive cam?) is that a direct swap if true? Also not 100% sure if the gearbox will fit.
Also not sure if there are mechanical differences like engine and gearbox mounts between the normal and facelift lancia 840.
Also wanting to know what wiring harness to use, how to set up the exhaust, are the head compression ratios the same or not, what kind of fabrication if any is needed, what ECU (lancias or stilos), also need to know if the bigger gearbox will fit on the stock gearbox mounts.
Lancia Ys appear to be lighter than puntos thats why I would go for the lancia (also + points for cool factor) if anyone was wondering.
Feel free to respond with everything that is needed to take in account if swapping these motors. And in general if anyone can direct me to a thread of a similar build if already done. Sorry if someone has already done something similar I just could not find it :)
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