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General Yet another bluetooth question


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Sep 20, 2007
Quick question,

I'm able to pair both my phones fine in the 100hp (XDA II and k610i), however, can anyone tell me if it's possible to browse the address book on the headunit display in order to make a call that way rather than faffing around with voice dialling?

It doesn't really seem to be documented in the bluetooth manual...i know most other systems offer this functionality but I can't see how you do it?

it is not possible because the bluetooth unit is seperate from the head unit. the head unit is just a standard headunit with a phone mute input on the back. so when your phone makes a noise the bluetooth unit tells the radio to shut up.
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Thanks for the reply.

Oh well, I best get cracking with my voice tags then :)
Only with the Blue&Me system that is availible in de Grande Punto, Bravo and also in the new 500 it's possible to show the name of the one you call or that calls you.