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General Would they fit?


The Bodge King
Nov 3, 2007
Just bought some sporting alloys off ebay, and have to go and collect them on saturday. However, my parents dont seem to think they will fit in my punto, even when the seats are down. Its a 3dr and they are a set of four 15" wheels. Do you think it will be ok? If i get there and they dont fit that will be a right pain. I personally think they are talking crap, and they will fit fine, but i want to be sure. Cheers, Mike.
they'll fit in the car no problem, i've just had 4 17"s with tyres in boxes in mine,
make sure you get the bolts aswell
pft. easy!

i got 4 17"s and the 15" spare in my car at once. seats up!
lol good good. You said about the bolts - wont the bolts from my current wheels be fine?
They will defiantly fit! I managed to get a set of 21's in the back of my punto lol! You should really use the alloy wheel bolts as they are slightly different to the steel wheel bolts. Also they will come with a locking wheel nut for each wheel so some little *** doesnt steel your new rims!!
As already said they will easily fit, I fitted four 17" alloy wheels with tyres in my 3 door Mk2 with ease. (y)
I got a set of bravo HLX 15's in my car with three people and my seats still up.

Two in the boot next to my sub, just fit in and i left the parcel shelf in. then one behind my seat standing up and the other on the back seat.

My dad was in the back, girlfriend in the passenger seat and me driving. no problem.