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Dec 26, 2005
Back in sunny?? Derby
hurrah!!!, in a briget jones style

my tickets for oz have arrived, picked um up today n finally as i am sure many ppl including myself will be happy with I am off!!!!

flying from heathrow v v v soon, not soon enough i hear u cry:eek:

has anyone else been travelling abroad, any hints for saving space in the old rucksack etc??

it's so exciting(y)
charlieboy said:

haha your funny :eek: dont forget suntan lotion....oz is hot wouldnt want you get burnt!

ah thank u for ur concern, already bought my suncream:D

yep I am funny, but I am sure i won't get burnt, that happened b4 and i learned my lesson, i have even bought aftersun cream!!!

yep i have my visa, all documented and ready to go(y)
Just take bikinis... will be hot enough not to need clothes... that should save space :D
no im sure you will be pleased to here that I am still around, I am not flying quite yet, I go after my niece gets christened in two weeks:D

ahh did u miss me:eek:

been busy welcoming another person into my family.

nathan born on 11th feb, all nice n healthy n everything(y)
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