Technical Won't rev over 3000 rpm, engine control 'faulty' warning

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Technical Won't rev over 3000 rpm, engine control 'faulty' warning

Jul 7, 2004
Hi Multipla owners,

I've got a friends Multipla to do a bit of work on and also get it an MOT. It seems to have similar problems to Jasond's Multipla.

It's an 03 1.9 JTD. Was running ok, but then it started mis-firing and kangaroo'ing at low speeds. The induction noise was considerably louder as well.

And just like Jasond's, it seems to have lost power and won't rev over 3000 rpm in any gear. If you try and rev it, it feels like a rev limiter is kicking in.

On top of that, the power steering pump light has come on, and now when you switch the ignition on the dash gives the warning "Engine control faulty - see garage".

Is this bad or is there anything I can do to it myself? I've driven it before in the past and it really flew, but now it seems like the turbo isn't doing anything.:confused:

Any pointers of what I can do and where to look? Also, any descriptions/ pictures of what I should be looking at as I've never done any work on one of these engines before. Or is it a case of taking to a dealer for diagnostics?

Many thanks for your help,

seems that i have the same error message engine CTRL Faulty contact Gaurage ? keeping an eye on this thread >>Gordon Liverpool<
After many tedious and hard slugs uphill, had my MAF sensor changed at a private garage (that has now no longer there!!) as that was what the dianostic check showed the fault to be. But..... in the last month the problem has reared its ugly head again. Engine Control light appeared and no guts over 3000rpm. Think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and book it into a Fiat fan unit packed up today! Not a happy bunny!!:bang: :cry:
MAF sensors rarely show up as a fault so I reckon the garage just guessed this was the fault.As the fault is still there I suggest taking into to a proper Fiat dealer & get them to monitor the EGR valve.
my multipla which is on a 55 plate keeps showing engine control fault, contact garage. It usually drives a if there is no problem, but ocasionally will cut out in the first 10 minutes of driving when slowing down. It will then not start for a minute or so then starts and drives fine. sometimes the warning light stays off for days. After the first few minutes it never cuts out and have driven it none stop for a couple of hours with no problems. once the warning light said alternator faulty, have now done about 2000 miles with this problem as my local garage said he could fine no fault. Does anyone out there have any ideas?
the alternator warning comes up when the car very nearly stalls but compensate with the accelerator too keep it running
I've had the "Engine Control" problem on my recently purchased 1.6 ELX 2001

It's been back to the seller a couple of times and each time it's fine for a couple of days then it comes back on again, tick over is very low and lumpy too

Fuel consumption is around 20mpg, apart from that she runs fine

I'm going away in a couple of weeks the it's going back to the dealer for the week and he's going to change the ECU and have it reprogrammed, hopefully this will solve my problems

I'll let you all know how things go

Despite the problems I really engine driving her