Technical Wipers given up :(

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Technical Wipers given up :(


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Oct 17, 2007
Hello all

I just registered on this site because I need some help. I have an N reg Punto and I got in to drive it yesterday and couldn't because the wipers wouldn't switch on. I wiggled the blades around and everything but it didn't help. It's making a noise like it's trying to move them but they're not moving. Oh and the back one is fine.

Please help - I have literally no clue about cars so any advice would be much appreciated. Do I need to take him to a garage to get this fixed?


If it sounds as though they're trying to move then I would suggest the wiper linkage has perhaps seized up. If this is the problem then you could replace the linkage yourself if you feel you're fairly competent working on things like this.

You could also check the fuse for the wipers and make sure it hasn't blown.
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ah great thanks. Not sure I know what to do if either of these are the problem though!
Thanks very much for your quick response.

yeah, repeatedly. And got out and waggled them a few times. That's about as far as my mechanic's knowledge goes!
Ah ok then, i was just woundering because sometimes they might work on only the highest speed when the fuse has blown or the relay is nackerd, Sounds more like what Chris has said maybe seized linkage or wiper motor?
I have purchased a N reg fiat last weekened and i had the same problem the day after i bought it. I took it back to the garage and i was told that the fuse has blown. It was replaced and today i went to use the wipers and they were not working so i had to drive home with them stuck.
Anyway i tried 12 fuses and as soon as i turn ignition on it justs blows. I think it might be a loose wire.
Thanks everyone for the help. It turned out to be the wiper motor and cost me around £100 to replace. Bit costly when the whole car only cost £500!