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Windscreen crack

Oct 7, 2003
Carlisle, UK.
Last night when coming home from work I ended up behind a gritting lorry, then this morning when I was polishing some more bits of the car, I noticed two stone chips on the windscreen, one with a crack (about 15mm long) running from it, right in front of the driving position. Does insurance windscreen £50 thingy cover you for this kind of thing, and if so, do you lose any NCB for claiming on it?
Depends on your insurance. Fully comp usually covers you for repairs for free, replacements will cost your window excess which is normally 50 quid. Shouldn't have any bearing on your NCB.

From Elephant:

Q: How do I make a windscreen claim?
A: Windscreen cover is included in Comprehensive policies only. You need to call our approved repairer - RAC Auto Windscreens - on 0870 243 6436 to arrange an appointment. Take your Certificate of Motor Insurance with you. If any glass is replaced, you'll have to pay an excess of £50. If you don't use our approved repairer the maximum we will pay out is £100

Reason I had this to hand is that I got a great big chip in my screen bringing the Marea north.
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when the sei one cracked i claimed through the insurance (cis) was fully comp, cost me £50 and it didnt effect my ncb , autoglass came to my house to do it

to make sure they really had to change it, i poked and prodded until it cracked from top to bottom :eek:

it best to check your policy documents, there bound to be a section in there about it