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windows media player help

Oct 11, 2003
buxton the land that time
im sure there is a simple anwser to this as i know i have sorted it before but for life of me i cant remember how to do it . any problem is

when on net and downoading a movie i used to click and wmp would open up download an play. but after installing something a few mins ago now when i click it plays in interner explorer wich pisses me off lol sooo how do i get it to open up w,p and play. i have removed rthe program that done it but it dint change back
Right click on file you want to open and use open with, another windows should open choose windows media player,make sure always open with box is checked.

I can reccomend Video LAN as a complete media player. Its not as pretty as the others however it will play anything. From MP3 to quicktime, div-x to DVD.
video lan is awesome - dont need to install any media player codecs etc with it as it plays pretty much anything!
Ive just downloaded VLC and now I can view videos off mobile phones that are 3GP. Before, I could only hear the sound with no video and now using VLC all I have is the video and no sound!! :confused: