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Technical wide track


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Oct 31, 2010
hi, i got an uno 45 fire. i put some spax struts for the turbo on it but it has negatively affected the handling in the corners

i want to know if the uno turbo has a wider track than a non turbo model

Thanks :D
Hello and welcome. :wave:

Uno Turbo track is increased over standard only by width of the wheels (5.5" rather than 4.5" though offset is different so track increase is about half that).

Did you fit the Uno 45 springs to the Spax shocks? If not, it will definitely be wrong because the engine in the Turbo (and earlier 55/60/70 models) is heavier than the FIRE engine in your Uno 45. Putting Turbo springs on the front of a 45 raises it by nearly 20mm.

Finally, it's important to make sure the back of the car is in tune with the front. Rear shocks are seemingly often worn out on the Uno these days and fitting stiff shocks at the front will highlight worn shocks at the rear.

hi Alex,

Thanks for the response.

I put spax allround. The front shocks have lowering springs on and the back is a bit high now with the standard springs.

I prefered the feel with the Boge oe shocks. Waste of time and money really.

I would like to try some 14" alloys on the car too but i think i'll like it completely standard the best, except for the awful body roll in the corners!
did you change your wishbones at the same time? i suspect that the lowering and increased damping would have just blow your bottom ball joints. that the rubber bush inboard may have moved as wishbone rotates slightly further up if that makes sense.
lowering uno without an anti roll bar certainly makes it more twitchy, where as the softer dampers compensate for the lack of it by increased leaning.

i've used spax turbo kit before and not found a problem with it, so just check your wishbones, and possibly your rear strut top mounts, as these can fall apart shortly after lowering too, and if all fine just get used to it and hunt out an anti roll bar