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Technical U Turbo track car


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Jan 13, 2006
hi folks, i`ve just taken possession of an uno track car!

it`s a mk2 but engine is built from both mk1 and mk2 pieces. has been rolling roaded at 160bhp, i remember it from years back and it was rampant!!!

i`m thinking of breaking tho, as i have other projects, where is best to sell parts for them?
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dave said:
has everyone on psc got there bits now?

funnily enough, when i phoned the courier this morning the guys suspension kit has been sitting in his post office since last monday!! i have tracking number etc to prove, great when folk dive in with both feet and tarnish a perfectly good sellers name. then you get the clique that follow.

i`m on around 25 forums and never had a problem. that is the first and last. incase anyone thinks i`m a trader, i`m not, i`m head mechanic for a racing company up here. i usually buy folks mishaps and projects when they go wrong, gives me a little money to throw at my 205 turbo and my metro vvc on throttle bodies. both cost a bomb!!

the uno is a good laugh! was rebuilt 2 years ago with low comp forged pistons (99% sure), also ran a hybrid back then, was ballistic! sadly shell is a bit battle scarred. worth good cash in bits, or may sell cheap as a whole to move on quick (i bought it for the kevlar bucket seat :slayer: )