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General why me?????????

Sep 25, 2004
ok so im driving home today back from college having spent over 4k on my car got full kit chromes flip paint etc the lot system from nowhere pulls out this honda civic old shape hits my front passenger side panl i swerve onto the other side of road end up on grass and look back hes making a get away at the time dint think of chasing him wish i had but was confused at to what happend so quickly
i get out assess the damage the front panle has been jammed into the passenger side door so when i open the door it makes one hell of a creeking noise and is rubbing the panel is all dented and messed up also im driving back and the steering wheel doesnt stay straight no more it hangs to the left a little even when im driving in a straight line????????? ne clues as to what has happend here????????
also i need some contact people does ne body know a good body repair specialist withing either the shropshire area or powys area telford wolvehampton??? oswestry wrexham way if so please let me know i need to get it assessed??? the insurance wont pay out as flip paint only applied 4 weeks ago and not yet insured which i regret so much now was gonna insure it on monday for flip paint so am looking for contact ne help people ???? also ne one know where i can the front passenger panel where the indicator is may have to replace dont know how much the flip paint will be but guessing very expensive????
Sorry to hear it, it will feel bad. But it is a lesson and all lessons are vital.. Get insurance on something before =0/ but seriously..i feel bad for ya. hope things go okay.
they should still pay for the damage, they might disown you for driving the car around in a state that is not described on the policy, so you may get nearly everthing (other than paint, will be returned to factory colour basically) or nothing atall, and still loose your NCB if you have any.:mad: :mad:

they will be able to tell from damage report that someone hit you and not the other way around so that side of things should be no prob.

Didn't happen in the snow and ice did it?

There are a few narrow city streets round here where more than half the cars today are dealer/bodyshop/rental courtousy cars LMFAO!! not in relation to you, but it really is a joke how many people can't handle a bit of snow and ice:(