Who Bought The Sideskirts!?

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Who Bought The Sideskirts!?


Drives A Red Cinq Abarth
Apr 6, 2004
This car is 15 mins away from me, i text his morning after its listed, theyve already gone!? £80, in red aswell!
Says prices are on listing but, i cant see any :confused:
Going to get dials for £20 tomorrow, and getting the front bumper, for now, until i get abarth sprayed...

he wants £25 each for bonnet and boot, think thats good price? thinking of badboying and delocking/dewipering rear! :cool:

right im on my way up with the sniper

*remembers im not supposed to tell you :eek:*

Look at my sig, how could u do this to me?

my sig said:
Next: Abarth Kit! I Have First Dibs On Next Set Of Abarth Skirts For Sale!
want to sell for a profit? as theyre Red aswell! please!!!
went round there 2day, dials were yellow (said theyd just discoloured), bumper needs a respray, it has red lip on bottom making it custom, buceket i saw was faded to whitey/pink, abarth rear (spoiler as advertised) has a massive chunk cut out of it to cater for a janspeed above the original cut out, but i did get a set of skirts for £120 :D:D:D

edit: i was joking about the skirts, not that snide :p
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didnt see them, think they were inside, otherwise they might have disappearred! :rolleyes::p lol i dont get it, i asked if they were for sale on Fri, he said hed got an offer of £80? so i said ill pay £90-100 and collect on Sat, but hes going to the trouble of posting them for less than i offered :confused:

btw when you said you bought them i didnt offer, otherwise i would of when i was there lol, has he sent you any pics of them?

no didnt pick up anything, going back on thurs to get suspension for hayleys car lol
na i havent got any pics

i txted him as soon as the item appeared on ebay late at nite lol and sorted a price out :) was just lucky this time i think.

should have them soon :)