Panda (Classic) Selecta. “The original Mandapanda”

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Panda (Classic) Selecta. “The original Mandapanda”


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Feb 11, 2007
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This was taken in April 2007 when in my ownership.
So, an update.

It’s been a bit of a journey, literally, but I have just returned from East London on what has been the hottest day of the year in Mandapanda. I previously owned this car prior to joining the forum in 2007, then an identical Selecta, a manual with bull and roof bars, Poppi, N reg Colour etc. The lady who bought her back then is now giving up driving - having not used Manda since the first lockdown and however it happened, I now own Mandapanda again.

She dealt with the hour of traffic at the Blackwall tunnel admirably, only going over 90 degrees on a couple of occasions. Dual carriageway way, bit of M25 and then the back lanes all the way to the South Coast.

A few jobs to do, Speedo cable and some new shocks firstly.
She’s aged fairly well in the 14 years since I had her. The little clock on the dash still constantly grumbles.

I’ll post some pictures once she’s had a good clean. The builders are in at mine and now a thick layer of dust has descended. Here’s one with her younger sister in tow (sporting FF sticker) at a food stop.

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I’ve been able to get out and give Manda a good wax and hoover and she is looking better for it The interior came up brighter and cleaner. The seats are better, but on the “to do list”.
Reattached the aerial so the radio now works.

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The bodywork has held up quite well, but it was garaged for the last 14 years which I guess has helped. A couple of bits of rust to attend to and a small patch which may need welding.

My neighbour said he will happily be able to assist me with that. He drives a Bond Bug, but is quite impressed by Manda.

I did find a random piece of trim under the bonnet but can’t think where it’s come from (if from the car at all)

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Finally got to give the bumpers a good clean and they came up surprisingly well. Also changed the plugs and HT Leads. Not sure when the plugs were last replaced ! She’s running even better now.