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General where is Everybody???

Still here - just haven't had anything to say unless you want to hear all about the progress on my seicento project...cos there is sod all happening with my X1/9
I'm bored here...eish...need something to read and talk about!

Hey i'm putting my 1600cc engine with F/I in next week.
shure jimbro1000 lets here it.

oh yea is there a way to adjust the targa top on my 86 when it latched down the bach can lift up about 1/2 inch and i dont know if this is normal or not
86CalX said:
oh yea is there a way to adjust the targa top on my 86 when it latched down the bach can lift up about 1/2 inch and i dont know if this is normal or not

Definitely - and it isnt difficult either. The two latch plates on the targa bar can be moved back and forward (and slightly sideways) by slackening off the four screws on each and then tapping it with a suitable item. Pushing them backward increases the tension on the roof, moving them forward releases the tension. The roof will lift a tiny little bit no matter what you do but 1/2 inch is too much (bet it squeaks a lot too). Just remember to tighten the screws up when you are finished - and try not to take the screws out completely as it can be a bit tricky to put them back if anything moves.
Seicento status (as of last night)
Engine is in the machine shop - block rebored (very slightly) to take a Ford (light and forged) piston. Should be finished today. Crank and con rods are being knife-edged (as I type) and then zero balanced (will rev way past 10000rpm without any vibration). Engine assembly is scheduled for the weekend!

New gearbox (6-speed) is waiting to be fitted.

Throttle body manifold should be finished today - ready to take the Hayabusa throttle bodies (now with choke inserts to restrict airflow a little).

All of the parts have finally arrived - upper and lower strut braces for the front, pipework, DTA ECU, extra gauges (oil pressure, water temp and AFR), oil cooler (and pipework), etc.

The only parts missing are the new wheels (compomotive CXRs - sadly wont turn up in time now so have to run on stock wheels for a couple of weeks), exhaust system (being built to spec and including a proper race cat.) and dampers/springs (again being built to spec but I need to take the originals down to GAZ for them to insert new internals - bit hard to do while the car is on the road).

Plan for this weekend is to get the wiring assembled, engine assembled and the whole lot ready to swap in. Suspension needs to come off ready to take the dampers over to GAZ and while it is off it will all be cleaned up and prepared ready to go back on with new brakelines and poly-bushes.

Remaining work:
move battery box to the boot (no space for it under the bonnet)
drop old engine and gearbox
modify gearshift and mounting to handle the extra gear
wire in the DTA system and the new gauges (load start-up map)
build up new suspension
build and fit new exhaust system
Mapping session at the rolling road (scheduled for friday pm)

Plan is to have the car fully operational by the next weekend (18/19 Feb) then run it in for about 1200miles over the next week. The first trackday is on the 28th at Cadwell Park so it will be remapped on 27th for best performance and to raise the rev limit to 8000/8500.