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Aug 31, 2003
Banbury, Oxfordshire
Right ok as many of you know i've currently got some compomotive ml minilite look alike wheels 13x6

The plan was to replace these with my smoors :chin: 8x13 rear and 7x13 front...

been putting it off as not sure about scrubbing on the front while the front is lowered 60 (and rear 40ish) but decided to bite the bullet and fit the rears, would do fronts but there is a rounded hole in the hub, but thinking about it the centre bore is fine and on studs so in theory running smoors wont be anymore dangerous than running normals on 3 bolts, so will be giving this a try tomorrow, but for now the rear...

Its fine other than big bumps and hard cornering it'll scrub slightly, i do have some spring assistors which i intend to fit to try and see if this will stop it... but is it really worth the hassle?

What do you guys think? :eek:

Could lower 60mm on my current ml's (which would get the 195/45/13's fitted) or do i stick with the silly wide euro wheels and get the problem sorted? :eek:

Need opinions? :eek:


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GhostWKD said:
Refurb for ml's going to cost me £50 + vat a corner :( think the smoors def going due to amount of work required to fit them properly (read safely) :cry:

whats wrong with the MLs? a bit of kurbing isnt that bad if thats what it is.. i dont mind it anyway, fair enough if its a new *cough* bmw or something, but for that sort of money thats rediculous..