General What to buy when the Merc goes?

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General What to buy when the Merc goes?

Aug 2, 2004
Northern Ireland
Hopefully I may find myself with a pleasing problem very soon.

There's a guy coming on Monday to look at the Merc, ("ahem" which I'm growing attatched to now). Anyway if he takes it I'll be mending my ways for drifting off from Italian metal.

Now here's the choice to replace it (so far)

My old Fiat Tipo Sedicivalvole which I was very fond of has came up for sale. The owner (who I sold it to) never really drove it, it was put in his garage with the rest of his collection. It's fully mot'd and ready to go.

There's a Fiat Marea estate 2.4 TD which appears to be in good condition for sale locally and it would come in handy for me, plus I had one before and it was a real mile eater and very easy on the juice. Steve liked it to ;)

Now this next one I'm waiting on word back on weather it's for sale or not and what it needs to put it through an MOT. (thanks Steve). It looks to me to have a puddle of oil underneath which isn't a great start but it is a Sisley and if it could be bought at the right money I could put the Lancia back on the road. (It needs tyres).



I had thought about Mr Bump to but by the time he's paid for and the cost of the plane and boat are factored in + he does need a little work, he would be getting a bit dear, sorry Sprox :eek:

So whats your opinion :D
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I would walk away from that Sisley as fast as you can Steve...

incidentely have you got a phone number for the owner?
Steve said:
Stuart, if you do pass on the Sisley let me know what the story is with it. The last time I looked into it he wouldn't part with it for less than a grand...

If it was me with that choice I'd have the Sedici. You always say that you miss that car.

You don't often get a 2nd chance to own a car again...
It's met blue 3 door that has been well pampered, only mod done to it was a set of lowering springs. It handled beautifully. I was very fond of it.

Steve I'll let you know if anything comes of it.

Mind you i'll be buying nothing if the Merc doesn't go.
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christopher watson said:
is that the whole car or just the bonnet scoop thats gone?
Whole car!:(
STuart - No problems! I shall EBAY Mr Bump when I'm ready.
Stuartl said:
Sprox the Sisley is about 8 miles from were I live from what I gather. However We think the owner is going to be looking silly money for it.
Yeah! has he been keeping an eye on Ebay about the SILLY prices that Panda 4x4s go for?. Actually, I think my white one was a bargain!:eek:
ANd the nice people I bought it from have got a 500 and they refunded me £50 for the water leak that they didn't know about (they really didn't know about it - and I din't have to ask for it either - they offered! such nice people! Thanks Lads!)
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I knew I had an old pic of the Tipo somewere.


Or do I just put new tyres on the Lancia and drive away at it for another year and wait for a 4x4 to come up. And this should also give me enough money to finish the 127. ?
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Well the guy came to look at the car and complained that there were little marks here and there. When I mentioned the car was 17 years old and had covered 133,000 miles in it's life he still insisted on compairing it with his mates (who has 2 of them :rolleyes:) both of which "according to him" that have 43k and 52k on them and that he never takes out and are kept in a heated garage.

Needless to say I calmly and patiently (thanks to the drugs) and politely suggested since his mate has 2 he should talk his mate into selling him one of his then he would have a car that's in the same condition as his mates low mileage, never used, kept in a heated garage, mint car, instead of even bothering with my 133000 mile, used every day, kept outside in all weathers, car.