what they worth?

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what they worth?


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Oct 8, 2003
I'm not asking for if it's a good idea to sell copied DVDs and i'm not trying to sell them here and now, nor do i want posts condeming me to rot in prison etc - just no idea what these DVDs are worth, and copies or not they're worth more than the value of the physical discs.

Friends, all of them. Season 1-10. All discs in perfect condition, complete with origonal menu systems intact on the discs. All discs have the proper labels printed on them, and look tbh like the origonals.

No cases with them, they live in a big DVD wallet with the rest of my DVDs
£35-40 for the DVD set, £15 or so for the 10 DVD DIVX friends set. Typically a DVD film is £4 when copied (irrelevant of age/release etc. often). Few friends fans want copies.
just to clarify - they're not uber compressed rubbish. Each season is 6 DVDs, apart from the season 10 where the last DVD was done twice and split to two discs to avoid quality loss. So we're talking 61 DVDs here.
Yep, and as I say, worth little more than £35, where as the 9 DVD DIVX sets that go around are worth circa £15.

Thing is, nobody wants fake friends boxsets, they either want the genuine one, DIVX or just watch them on TV. Only fanatical (to a point) people will buy such a set, and they would be happy to spend £150 on the genuine set rather than half of that on a fake set which they can't show off without boxes.