General what kind of suspension is this?

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General what kind of suspension is this?

Sep 11, 2004
Coventry (near Birmingham
right this new car i brought, has lowered suspension on it but i didnt know what kind. i had a look today and now know its koni suspension, but is it adjustable or what?? :confused:

any help would be much apreciated

back suspension

front suspension
you didnt show the bits where the damper adjusters are. so i dunno

does the rear damper have a small adjustment screw at the bottom?

and the front one, remove the top rubber cap and does it look like the centre bit turns to adjust it?

either way, the rear one still has full size bump stops :ee:
In the engine bay, at the sides are the top mounts. They should have little black plastic covers over them. If you pop the covers off you will see the threads and nut on the top of the strut. If the threaded part has a little bit sticking out the top - looks like a radiator bleed nipple - then they are adjustable. The rear ones may be the type where you need to take them off and twist them to adjust.

Or they might both be fixed dampening. :(

Oh the bump stop is the thing pointing down inside the rear spring. Basically stops the back end bottoming out.
Are the front ones Koni?

Might just be painted other brands.. Like my bilsteins.. :D

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99sei said:
i dont know what a damper is lol.

The damper is the yellow thing. Some people will call them shock absorbers, but in engineering terms the spring is the thing that absorbs the shock, and the damper stops the spring bouncing all over the place.

As has been suggested, the koni way of adjusting dampers without top pins is to take them off, push them shut then twist the two halfs to adjust. IIRC Koni only adjust the rebound setting.


what is it im adjusting on the spax dampers with the bolt at the top if it isnt the rebound?
Koni adjustables arnt adjustable on rear only at front, if you have just a normal nut with threaded bit of strut through it then non adjustables, but if you have a kind of flat point to it on a protruding urm thing :eek: then they're adjustables
Those shocks or dampers and springs would have cost over £400 when new, I wanted Konis but had to go with the cheaper Spax stuff.

The springs when new are £140!

Good wee bargain there.

arc said:
what is it im adjusting on the spax dampers with the bolt at the top if it isnt the rebound?

Some dampers adjust the bump rather than the rebound, others adjust both. Depends on brand.


what are the differing effects, i've always assumed it adjusts the rebound. I run Spax PSX dampers.
Bump is the first bit when the spring compresses, increasing it increases the resistance to the spring deflecting too much. Its just another way of tuning the suspension.


Bit of an old thread, but am i correct in assuming these springs you have unwanted now are a 60mm drop for a sporting? if so how much you looking for? pm me pleaseee (y) :D
though i would show you a few pics of the koni's. only took the front ones off at the moment, why are the eibach springs? any one know? i read the little article that bloomfield put up :confused: