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What came first...

Jul 8, 2005
on the A684
....Your Fiat or the Forum.

This is aimed at the owners of the more unusual cars, Panda Sisley, Uno Turbo, Punto GT, Tipo Sedici, Cinq Turbo etc.

How did you find out about your unusual car? Did you hear about them from the forum or did you join after buying one and wanting to know how to fix it? :D
i coveted an uno turbo when i passed my test (17 years ago yesterday!!). bought a series of uno's from 45s to 70sx, looking for the right tub, when i finally i bought her, soldiered on solo, with occasional turbo collective help, till we bought the panda, which is when i found you guys
the cinq was in the family for years, then i started to have control of it :D

that was when i found the forum (i was trying to prove myself right in an argument :devil: )
Got Cinq 1. Got here.
Got Cinq 2, passed Cinq 1 on.
Got Cinq 3, SORNed Cinq2, Cinq 3 died, Reinstated Cinq 2 (WEF Today)

Life story in 3 lines...Ive never done any better really...
only got the car because inland revenue were taxing the hell out of me, so I couldn't afford the car I wanted in the first place (well either 1.6 toyota starlet, or 1.0turbo daihatsu charade)

so that means car came first, THEN I found I had a few niggly problems, but main reason Icame hear was to rant, to rant about most things, but mainly to rant about why I had just paid £67 for fiat to do something, came back 6hours later to find they had effectively done sht, and charged me for the pleasure
I purchased the Stilo purely based on this forum!

We bought the Ulysse new in Sept 2003, and when we had problems with it [in Sept 2003, lol], I went hunting on Google, and found this place. Then and only then did I learn about the Stilo Abarth, which seemed ideal as a replacement to my ageing Mondeo :)
The mrs,s has been a fiat driver for about the last 4yrs and ive bought and done up quite a few puntos( about 8)in the last 2yrs as i find them an easy car to work on and sell.
Had a problem with sporting punto electric window in january so i guessed there would be a forum on fiats! Typed it in and hey presto i arrived and no bugger helped me as such with the prob. so i ended up getting a sparky out. Trouble is i found the people on here so friendly, funny, unusual!! that i couldnt leave and now im an addict!!:D
The Tipo was released before the Forum but I had my Tipo after the Forum :p

Strangley ever since I have been small my favourite car was the Fiat Uno. I had several toy Unos in my childhood, I found them cute yet masculine cars, small yet well defined (sounds a bit gay :confused:)

From my love for Unos I started buying a variety of Fiat toy cars, Had the Tempra and a few others. I knew about the Tipo along time ago, never thought I would end up with one as my first car but when I saw it and bought it, its like we were meant for eachother, It had cosmetic potential which I knew I could release.

I found the forum looking for compatible parts and modifications :)