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General Weird Dashboard on Mutlijet


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May 12, 2006
East Sussex
Has anyone experienced weird dashboard warning lights on their Panda Multijet.Over the last few days some of the dashboard warning lights have been coming on at random intervals.Its not only one or two of them but all of them at some time or other have been coming on whilst i have been driving the airbag light,the engine check,handbrake warning,small car and padlock one and a couple of times under heavy braking and while the engine was still running they all came on and went off one by one.Has anyone experienced anything like this please.I am wondering could it be a short circuit or something
Hi, i've got the multijet sporting and have never had any problems like that.

I haven't had any problems come to think of it. :p

I'd get it checked by a dealer.

I had a warning light coming on on my Mk2 Punto, i disconnected the battery for 5 minutes and this cured it. I believe this resets the ecu or something? Worth a try.
No problems like that for me either.
Might be a dealer job...
ok thanks i have done the battery thing this morning will have to see if that fixes it before i bite the bullet and have the FIAT garage remove vast sums of money from my wallet
Not had this problem either, only an intermitent front window switch on the day I got it. Surely your MJ is still in warranty and it may be something simple like a multi-connector plug. Hope you get it sorted.
I've had the padlock sign come on a few times on my panda, but turning the ignition off then back on cured that, think its something to do with the 'fiat code' system?
oh thanks derv drinker i forgot all about the 3 years warranty the car is now 2.5 years old so ill get the missus to book it into the fiat garage then as its her car