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Technical Weekend Towball


zombie nation
Jul 8, 2005
on the A684
Well a diesel estate is not complete without one!

But would a tow ball get in the way of the overturning door? Anyone got pics of their weekend with a tow ball fitted?
:) :) I have a 1999 2.0 20v and have fitted a towbar with a REMOVABLE towball. its a bit of a hassle having to insert towball to use the thing, but it does allow use of the drop down bumper... you pays yer money and you takes your choice. ( ps its also dearer...):) :)
I've got a 2001 Weekend with a towbar fitted and I prefer it being a removable one.

Looks very discret and neat as you can't tell it's on otherwise.
still can use the drop down tailgate.
Fit's really easily (but got too use two hands to do it)

If anybody runs into the back of you, they'll hit your bumper instead of a towbar.

Got mine from :-
Peter Bowman Towing Centre. 1-37 Mason Street. Bury. Lancs. Tel:, 0161 797 3000

Will take some pics and post tomorrow if you want?
sorry, not the best of pictures (actually thinking why I've taken a picture of the back of the car without the towbar on, as it looks like a car without a towbar fitted)


This pic shows where the towbar joins the car.


It's damn strong as I've had a medium sized caravan on the back but I've now got a trailer tent.

Also, if your gonna get one, go for the double socket option. Although it only needs one socket for the lights to work on the trailer (brakes etc), the other socket can be to power a fridge within the caravan.
Looks good. Will be looking for a quote from Stanley Towballs in Chester-le-street. They did the towball on our 1.4 Tipo, which lasted longer than the car and ended up on our 1.4ie Tipo. It would have made it onto a 1.9TD tipo but we forgot to salvage the sub-frame before we scrapped the car :bang:
Hi, plucked up the courage to fit my own to my weekend. Got one from It's not removable but I attached the electrics socket to the drop plate (under the tailgate) and remove the extension bar and ball together when not in use (two large bolts). That way the tailgate can be dropped down and does not catch on the socket. Can't use the tailgate when the extension bar and ball are fitted. Very friendly advice on the phone if you need it from this company. Fitting seems quite drastic with all the drilling required.
I got mine from there. Detachable Brink 255200 I think the model is. Only catches slightly on the tailgate when lowered but I think thats because the previous owner has reversed into something and deformed the bumper inwards. You can't tell it's there unless you lay on the ground. So quick and easy to remove and for £100 you can't go wrong - unless you follow the instructions supplied. I'll make a guide so you don't end up with a swiss chease marea like I very nearly did.