Styling Wanted: A decent window tinter

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Styling Wanted: A decent window tinter


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Mar 15, 2006
Stoke & Crewe
I'm looking to get my windows tinted.. Anyone know a decent place to get em done..

Is it worth sticking to the film and doing it myself?

- trig
If your willing to travel up north (Bradford) theres a place called "EXTREME TINTS" there work is top notch and dont think they charge that much.
May I suggest putting tinting film from a known company? I've had good experience with 3M and especially with Foliatec...
does anyone remember the traditional DIY tinting method, a bit of black paint (15%) mixed with lots of laquer (85%) sprayed on the insides of your glass, it works a treat but you need to remove the glass first obviously. thats the good old fashoned way to tint windows as seen on many boyracer cars in the 80's. its easy to do, well easy if you can get your glass out and you happen to have a sprayer handy. the advantage of paint is that it doesn't bubble or peel and its really cheap too. haven't seen it done for years now