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General Vents Noisy


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Apr 9, 2007
Hey, I recently noticed the the air coming into my car is very little and that it is very noisey especially up on 3 or 4. Is there any reason for this or do you have any suggestions?
My vents are a bit noisy, but not to loud, do your vents make any squeeky or strange noises. I dont mind my vents being noisy on setting 4 because at least i know they are working and doing there job :idea: .

A few months ago when i was in York, there was a strange fluttering from the front vent under the winderscreen that was driving me nuts. It took about 5 minutes and it really bugged me, so i though how am i going to sort this out. So i put the vent setting on 4 and guess what, out flew a receipt for some petrol that the previous owner must have got (because all my receipts go in my wallet) :eek:
Noisy but no squeaks. I feel that the air that comes through is weak!:( It clears the windscreen well so i can't complain about that, but aound the car its not as good.
They are quite weak vents, but the front ones under the windscreen are quite good - clearing it in a few seconds.

The air conditioning is a lot stronger then what it was in my old Micra which is a plus (y)