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VAG Spares

Oct 1, 2017
Edinburgh Scotland
I'll start off by saying that for my Fiat parts it's rare for me to go past Shop4parts although I do buy small service items from my local factor where shipping would make S4p uneconomic. However, in addition to my small Fiats I'm also quite into VAG "stuff" Mostly of the Skoda/Seat persuasion. Until a few years ago I would buy parts for them from TPS and very excellent they are too. However some years ago they went "trade only" and to buy from them you have to open a trade account, so that finished it for me and I haven't really found another supplier - of genuine parts that is. A family friend is part owner of one of our local VAG indies and I could probably get parts through him but we are not "Buddy Buddies" so I'd rather keep that option for absolute emergencies.

Consequently I've been looking for a source of reasonably priced genuine VAG parts for when I decide I must have a genuine part rather than being content with a quality after market part. I was looking for a deal on engine oil for the Ibiza - which is due it's annual service right now. I tend to order from either Opie or Powerenhancer and, because they often have special offers going on ebay I always search ebay for their offers. This time I came up with these people: who had an unbeatable offer on my favourite Fuchs "brew". So I ordered from them. The order arrived within 48 hours, up here to Edinburgh, which is very quick delivery compared to the norm. So I've just been back on line looking through their website and I'm mightily impressed. I'm going to give them a ring to see if they can cross reference to my Ibiza - which, after all, is really just a Polo at heart.

I'm a little bit "thrown" by the wine box packaging of the oil container - think I'll decant it into the older plastic 5 litre container this oil came in from Opie last year, just because I feel happier pouring it from that.

So hopefully, that's going to be my VAG genuine parts source sorted at last - it just dawned on me that of course VAG number all their parts with generic VAG part numbers so all I need to do is quote the part number on the original item when ordering. Yeah sorted!