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General Using red punto key


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Jan 19, 2006
Hello, just got a punto 1997 55sx and was only supplied with one red key and no blue keys. I have been driving the car for about 6 months on the red key and have had no problems as such but have noticed sometimes that the key code light stays on when I am driving until I stop the engine and restart it ,then it comes on for a few seconds and goes off. Should I have blue keys? and is it ok to be driving constantly with the red key?
Timpsons will cut keys, I got them to clone me my blue one as I snapped the ring, so it will no longer fit on a keyring (not good as I will only loose it) I had one cloned for £25 but it didnt work when I got it home, was fine starting the engine but I couldnt lock the door at all so I took it back and they cut me another one to replace it, now the key is fine.

I highly recommend a blue key as if you loose the red one it will be far more expensive in the long term