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Technical Urgent Brake Help

Oct 21, 2005
widnes, liverpool
took me sei into ATS the other day for a handbrake adjustment and the guys done something so the rear drivers side brake isnt releasing. weve taken the wheel off and looked at it and the little lever arm that is attached to the end of the cable isnt moving so the pads are locked on. does anyone know how to adjust this and release the pads? this is urgent as my car is jacked up on a mates drive so responses ASAP will be great.

release the cable, then just gently tap the arm. It should release. Then don't ever take the car to ATS, well actually - take it back to them and ask them to do the job properly.
you can pry it back to release the brake with a bar or something with levverage be careful not to bend brake pipe. Mine had seized also, took it off and WD40 into it to loosen the pin. Dont know what your situation is but the adjustment of the brakes on cinq's are very easy which is a good thing from what i can make out in this forum the handbrakes are notoriously bad on cinqs. I was going to replace the levers but im going to make new ones from stainless in the machine shop i work in so seizing wont be an issue in the future. Also think ill modify the brackets the cable clips into with some kind of adjusting mechanism as ive found the tensioning the main adjuster locks one wheel better than the other. dont know if this is a common issue?
ok stripped down the cylinders and the drivers side linkage was locked solid. couldn't get it out the cylinder as it wouldnt bend. so took alot of nutfreeze and elbow greese and got it moving enough to remove and loosen up. so its all working however i want to replace them.

so does anyone know where 2 order them from? had a search and cant find anywhere. can i order them online? or do i have to go into a fiat garage to get some?

cheers (y)