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Tuning Uno strut brace


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Jul 9, 2016
Hey guys,

I saw a strut brace for my mk1 uno for sale for $20 (About 10 quid) here in NZ and was wondering would it make a difference to my mk1 Fire 45 uno?

My uno is underpowered as hell and has small tyres so I'm not sure it would make a difference to the handling. But then again it doesn't really cost anything.

Thanks everyone
Good to see someone keeping their Uno up and running in NZ!(y)
Strut braces are to prevent flex in the body/chassis of the car. This should lead to better handling and higher cornering speeds. This should allow you to maintain your momentum in the "underpowered" (I'm quoting you here!;)) 45.
If your 45 is like my old 1987 70SL it will have mounting points for an anti-roll bar on the bottom arms, although I never bothered you could fit one of those too - it would make it more go-cart like than ever;).
Yeah, I've seen a couple here in NZ (Auckland), Four 45's including mine, my sister's crashed one, my parts guys' one, and a random I saw. And one turbo (Omg hype) I saw down at the local official fiat parts dealer (Italian Autos). But mine is barely running at the moment hahahaha typical Uno.

Someone got to the auction before I read this reply :( :( :(
Sup bro, I used to live in New Zealand (North Shore) and unfortunately had to sell a mk1 fiat uno when i left in 2008 (red with spraypainted wheels and a black racing stripe up the bonnet)
I wonder if its still on the roads :)