Styling Uno Dashboard

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Styling Uno Dashboard

Jono RSA

New member
Oct 20, 2015

One of the things I would really like to do is have my dashboard look black instead of grey and blotchy. It must have stood in the sun or something, the front facing parts and cubby hole look good it's just the top that's greyed out. Any advice??:confused:
Hi Jono

Aside from replacing the whole dash a few options come to mind.

Get a custom dash cover made (search Google)
Paint the dash
Cover the dash in vinyl

The problem is heat. The dashboard gets punished especially in the South African sun.

Are there any dark polishes available perhaps?
I`ve been thinking about covering the top in self adhesive black velour recently, mainly to reduce dash reflections in the screen, but it would solve your problem too (after you give it a couple of light coats of satin black aerosol paint).
Thanks... In the meantime I just use Rally's cockpit spray, couple layers of that and some buffing and I'm good to go for about a week and a half before it fades again.....