Technical undocumented code 524

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Technical undocumented code 524


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Sep 25, 2006
Got a fiat bravo 1.4 8 v come in this morning, complaining about it not got no guts up hills, she says its been stood for a while. some tiimes it will over rev, but it hadent done it on me. the other problem is she can only leave it with me 30 mins each day because she needs it for work
well i plugged it in to see if there where any codes logged.
there was 2; 524 undocumented code and 522 coolant circuit.
the coolant is reading fine 96 degrees
if anyone knows whats 524 code , it would me most aprecieted.
you need a fiat examiner to tell you what that code actually means. its not a code i am familar with.

is the temp gauge working ok on the dash?
the code 522 doesent come back on after clearing it.
I think it was just an old code
but code 524 stays on.
i've asked a friend and been told that the error code 524 means low oil pressure. when they said that it made a lot of sense to me because the 1.4's oil circulation problems are very common.

do a compression test. i suspect the tappets could be dry so valve clearances will be out causing rough running. sort out the oil circulation to the head by cleaning out the oil bar (paraffin works well). if that doesnt get rid of the code then you need to consider oil pump damage due to restricted oil circulation putting it under excess stress.

a 1.4 that isnt regulalry serviced will almost certainly fall victim to very poor oil circulation to the head.